Respite care provides a lifeline for family carers

Caring for a loved one with dementia can be a rewarding, positive and fulfilling experience, but as anyone who has done it for any length of time will tell you, it is also exhausting, frustrating and often lonely. Regular breaks and a chance to recharge your batteries are essential, but sadly they can often seem almost impossible to achieve. This is where short term respite care can prove a lifeline. 

Here at Ambleside Care Home, we provide a dementia specialist respite service you can trust to look after your loved one with dignity and compassion. It offers a rest and change of outlook for both the person providing care and the person receiving it, resulting in long term benefits for both.

High quality dementia respite care in Bexhill on Sea, East Sussex

We firmly believe that taking short term breaks from caring should be viewed not as a luxury, but rather as part of an essential support system to help family carers continue to deliver effective long term care at home. That’s why we have developed our respite dementia care service to help families access the help they need.

What are the benefits of respite care?

Respite care can offer significant and long term benefits for both the person doing the caring, and the person receiving it. Let’s consider some of main benefits here:

Reduces stress – No-one is equipped to provide long term care at home without some help. Residential respite care in a care home can provide family members with a temporary break from the relentless demands of caring and a chance to take a breath and relieve inevitable feelings of frustration and exhaustion.

Improves wellbeing – A break from caring allows carers a chance to look after their own health and wellbeing which can so often get neglected while caring for others, and provide a much needed opportunity to recharge batteries.

Tackles isolation – Caring for a loved one at home can be a lonely business. Giving their elderly loved one a period of respite care at a care home enables carers to reconnect with family, friends and the wider community. 

Improves the relationship between the carer and the person being cared for by helping the carer regain their energy and restore their patience.

Helps the person being cared for by providing new opportunities outside the home  for interaction with other people, activities and experiences. The stimulation of a different environment and socialising with other people can work wonders for a person’s self-esteem.

Contact us to see how our specialist dementia respite care service could help you  

If you need:

  • Planned respite care to cover a holiday
  • A short break from caring
  • Emergency respite care if either you or your loved one become ill and require extra short term support to help recovery

Ambleside’s respite care service could provide the support you need. Give us a call on 01424 400488 for a confidential chat about your requirements.