Care Fees and Funding at Ambleside

How much does care cost at Ambleside?

​​​Everyone’s care needs are different so we can’t tell you exactly how much your care package will cost. However, a good guide is between £600 and £775 per week if you’re paying for your own care.

Once we’ve met you and been able to assess your care and personal requirements properly we’ll be able to give you a firm cost.

Our terms are that the fees are payable every four weeks in advance. Terms and conditions of care are regulated by a standard contract, a copy of which is available on request.

For a confidential discussion about your requirements or to arrange a visit to Ambleside to take a look around please don’t hesitate to contact us on  01424 400488 or feel free to drop in anytime.

How will your care be funded?

Private funding

The majority of residents at Ambleside are privately funded, paying the cost of care themselves. If this applies to you we will provide you with a fully costed care package based on your care assessment and your personal preferences as described above.

If you’re unsure if you’ll be required to pay the cost of care yourselves we recommend contacting your solicitor or click here to download our Free Guide To Care Funding.

Local Authority funding

Whilst the majority of our residents are private, we are an East Sussex preferred provider and have contracts in place with other Social Services departments in more distant authorities.

If you are fully funded a few of our beds are available within the fee levels that local authorities are able to meet. However, most rooms are available if funded with this contribution and a relatively modest top-up from private or family resources or a one-off payment to a care fees scheme.

If you need advice on social security entitlements or help with financing – whether full private or top-up – charities such as Age UK (was Age Concern) will provide expert, free advice on benefits. You can also contact the Local Authority as well.

In any event we strongly recommend that you take professional advice to establish your entitlement.

To arrange your free taster day of care, book a respite care stay or to arrange a personal guided tour please call us on ​​​​01424 400488 or select from one of the options below.  

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