Huw Merriman Bexhill MP Visits Ambleside

Thank you @henpower @equal art and @lucygroenewould for the great afternoon.

This afternoon at Ambleside, the residents had a visit from local MP Huw Merriman, and National Lottery Fund representatives Jane and Angie to see the AFA funded ‘Living on an Island’ project.
Artist Chloe lead the residents and family members in songs and games including the parachute game, that gave us a lovely breeze on a sunny afternoon. The residents enjoyed leading the group in a rhythm using instruments and taking turns to copy each others beat. It was lovely to see Val and Doreen joining in and creating a beat we could all follow.
Daisy sung the lyrics to all the songs and her particular favourite is ‘Don’t fence me in.’ John really enjoyed listening to ‘A Heart of Oak” and talked about his navy days – watching all the ships sailing off on a sunny afternoon and how they had listened to Versa Lynn’s ‘We’ll meet again’ as they had sailed away.
Apprentice Nicola, who works at Ambleside has become fond of the hens, and was a fantastic help in bringing them in to the session. Nicola has created some cabbage treats for the hens to nibble on in the run and says they now recognise her when she goes to see them. The hens had a great time joining in with the music and meeting the local MP, although Carol the hen had to be taken out when Cliff Richard was played as she became agitated.
Huw said how much he had enjoyed the visit, joining in with the singing and meeting the residents and staff at Ambleside. Ted said he wasn’t convinced he was an MP though, as he “Looked far too young!”