Seaside Fish and Chips at “Ambleside on Sea”

On Sunday the residents of the home were treated to a “Seaside Fish and Chips” party. Yvonne and Michaela worked  hard to organise an event, bringing the beach to Ambleside Care Home.  The party started off with a lot of activities including badminton, basketball, kite flying and even a paddling pool filled with sand for a beach!  Yvonne also created some poster board cuts out just like the ones you’d find on the pier. The residents  really enjoyed tucking into some fish and chips which the staff wrapped in newspaper. Lunch was topped off with some lovely ice cream cones.

The residents and  the family members who visited on Sunday really enjoyed the event.  Several of the residents even said it was wonderful because they felt they had gone on holiday!


FishandChips1    FishandChips2    FishandChips3

FishandChips4    FishandChips5    FishandChips6

FishandChips7    FishandChips8    FishandChips9

FishandChips14    FishandChips15    FishandChips16

FishandChips10    FishandChips11

FishandChips12     FishandChips17

  FishandChips22    FishandChips19    FishandChips20

FishandChips21   .FishandChips18