Flower Arranging at Ambleside Care Home

Today we had a lovely flower arranging session.  As some of the residents are down with colds we thought it would be nice to do a sit down activity. Daisy, Mary, Doris, and Edith all took part.

Daisy was very particular about trimming the stems before she placed them in her vase. I would imagine it’s how she always did her own flower arrangements at home.

Edith preferred the larger displays using several stems of varying lengths which she cut herself. She was very proud of the end result.

Mary went for a total burst of colour using one stem of each colour, the end result was very impressive.

Doris  on the other hand liked the simple displays, preferring to use just a few colours.

The  ladies were so pleased with their work, and were all very impressed when we displayed the arrangements around the home.

Flower 1    Flower 2    Flower 3

Flower 4    Flower 5    Flower 6

Flower 7    Flower 8    Flower 9

Flower 10    Flower 11    Flower 12