Resident’s Art Class

The Residents at Ambleside spent the afternoon practicing their still life drawings skills. Care assistants, Michaela and Yvonne brought in several different objects for the residents to sketch. Prizes were awarded for the best drawings. The staff were impressed with the level of concentration show by the residents, many of whom who took the contest seriously.

20140424_141508    20140424_141513    20140424_141754 20140424_142517    20140424_142527    20140424_142605                   20140424_142830    20140424_145432

Jennie judging the drawings.


Prizes were awarded for the best drawing

 20140424_145846    20140424_145856    20140424_145902


Daisy and Maria won joint 1st place and Doris Allen won 2nd prize.  A lovely afternoon.