We Are Accepting New Clients*

We have detailed below the extensive steps we are taking to ensure your loved one will be safe at Ambleside and be able to enjoy the wonderful life here that has made Ambleside such a popular choice for many years.

For more information about a place in the home please call us on 01424 400488 or email info@amblesidecare.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you.

How We're Keeping Ambleside Residents Safe

Cleaning Regime – There is regular daily cleaning of touchpoints and all areas while fogging is done on a regular basis.  

PPE – All Staff have received training in PPE and Infection control. We are following PPE guidelines and any updates to this. We keep an adequate stock of PPE in case of any shortages.

Staff There is a stable staffing team in place. Staff have their temperature taken once a day and wear a mask at all times. Hand washing and other infection control procedures are monitored daily.

Testing As per the guidelines, staff are tested weekly and residents monthly unless anyone presents with symptoms.

Social Distancing Social distancing is maintained at all times where possible.

Essential Visitors Anyone who must come into the home is required to complete a questionnaire and have their temperature taken.

Isolation Strategy – As we're sure you'll appreciate, for the safety of all concerned we want to take all possible steps to ensure new residents are Covid free. Your loved one will therefore need to be tested before admission to the home. In addition, it's crucial they remain apart from other residents for the first 14 days of their stay, which means remaining in their room. The staff will be regularly monitoring and attending to their needs.

Your loved one wil be able to speak with you via telephone, Facetime, Skype or other video services which can pre booked. 

* Please note the above may change depending on government guidelines.


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