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New hutch for our pets

Clare the manager of Ambleside treated our pets to a new hutch. Anil and Emmy did a great job putting it together and our animals love their new home.


Doris’s Trip to Pets at Home

Our rabbits and guinea pigs were in need of some food, so Emmy and Lauren thought it would be nice to take Doris along for the trip. Doris loves animals especially our rabbits and guinea pigs, but also enjoyed getting to watch the fish, hamsters and other animals.


dorist1   dorist3


Ambleside Welcomes Our Two Newest Additions

A couple weeks ago we had two lovely rabbits join us to come live at Ambleside. Last week we received two Guinea pigs who have come to live with us as well. All of the residents at the home love animals, so the new additions have been enjoyed by all. We had the residents and staff put names in a hat and they pulled out the names Sparkle  and Nala.

Doris who has been with us for about 10 years and is 98 years old spends the majority of the time resting in bed. She especially loves Guinia Pigs, and as soon as she held them her face lit up, and she was extremely happy.


gpig1   gpig2   gpig3 gpig4   gpig6