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Summer 2018 Ambleside BBQ

I would like to thank everyone that came to our annual Ambleside BBQ. Even though the weather wasn’t amazing we had our biggest turn out of family and friends ever. Emmy organised a spectacular event and really went out of her way to make sure everyone was catered for young and old.  She has already started planning for next year’s event. I also would like to thank all the resident’s family members who helped with the Ambleside BBQ.

This year we made we teamed up with Equal Arts Charity and Hen Power UK for an on going program. We are proud to be the only care home in the area that they have chosen to be a part of the program. As you can see from the pictures we now have chickens as a part of the Ambleside family. The chickens were chosen by the residents, and we had the grand reveal at the BBQ. Some of you may have seen Caroline who is from Equal Arts.  She has been visiting the home every week and been doing different activities such as Ambleside’s Band.

Once again I would like to say we are very lucky to have such great staff, residents, family and friends. I have always felt Ambleside Care Home is not just a Care Home but a true home for the residents. All our residents and family members are part of the Ambleside family.

Once again thank you for your kind donations. At this years annual Ambleside BBQ we raised over £300 for the residents activity fund!










Happy 100th Birthday Doris

Doris celebrated her 100th Birthday which was an amazing event. We like to wish Doris a very Happy Birthday.

Doris has been with us at Ambleside since 2005. She was born in Paddington, West London. Doris lived in Paddington for 30 years and married her husband Alec and after some time moved to Hailsham where they retired. They had a little dog called Charlie boy. Doris worked many jobs but enjoyed type writing and jobs that included mathematics as that was her favourite subject in school.









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