A visit from a few dogs to Ambleside Residential Care Home

At Ambleside we encourage staff and friends to bring their dogs in to visit.  The residents really enjoy animals, especially when people bring their dogs in.  They have an amazing effect on the residents.

Below are some photos of Yvonne’s puppy. The residents were really  surprised that she was only seven months old.  Edith wanted to keep her, and said to Tessa: “we could have so much fun, I would spoil you so much”. The residents loved her and Tessa loved all the attention.


dog1     dog2     dog3


A few days ago we had a visit from Roxy, a little Yorkshire Terrier. Connie who had never seen her before was so excited. She loved having a cuddle with her on her lap, and Roxy likewise.

dog4    dog1

A Day in the Garden at Ambleside

The weather was so lovely in Bexhill yesterday so we decided to spend most of the day in the garden.  Many of our residents really enjoyed eating their lunch in the garden. Patrick, one of our care assistants has been working really hard over the last couple of months refurbishing our garden furniture.  He’s done an excellent job, and the residents made good use of it!

We recently had a new resident named Connie join us at the home.Connie is really fitting in well with everyone,and as you can see from one of the pictures below she was having a wonderful time relaxing in the garden with Emmy.


garden1    garden2

garden3    garden4    garden6

garden5    Gardeb 2

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